When She Was Accosted About The Video, She Was Saying “Yeah It’s Me, And So?” – Wizkid’s Baby Mama

Wizkid’s first Baby Mama, Shola Ogudu, has spoken up concerning the terrible incident a girl child of Chrisland school was involved in when she went to participate in the World School Games in UAE alongside other students, and according to Shola, the 10 years old girl in question was owning to her actions when she was confronted about the video.

Wizkid’s baby mama stated that she accompanied her son to represent his school in the games and from all indications, the incident was not a case of assault as many claimed.

Shola narrated that her son told her about the video initially and stated that he had to excuse himself at some point because he couldn’t stand the video. According to Shola’s son, the gist that was going round was that the girl played truth or dare game with her click, and the girl in question couldn’t stop with the mind bugging dares.

Wizkid’s baby mama also stated that it was unbelievable when she heard the nasty activities that the little kids got themselves involved in. This was when she stated that the girl in question was owning to it when she was confronted about the video. Shola Ogudu said:

“To make matters worse, even when she was accosted about the video, she owned it with her full chest, saying yeah it’s me in the video and so?”

Wizkid’s baby mama spoke further, as she stated that school shouldn’t be blamed for the immoral act because the accurate measures were actually put in place to ensure that such never happened. According to Shola, the teachers did their parole 3-5 times daily and they were over 70 children to 5-6 teachers. But to show how badly behaved the kids were, they waited till midnight before they got their nasty acts on.

in her Twitter handle she dropped a video yesterday saying she is not worried about what’s happening and no apology to anyone. that tells you to what extent she has gone and I perceive that would not be her first time for her to act this way even after what has happened. ‘This girl don go far abeg make we rest our case.’ she has be longing for it and it has happened More

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