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Xavi As A Manager Can Never Be Compared To Zinedine Zidane, Here Is Why

For those who are comparring Xavi with the great Zinedine Zidane some months ago, here are some statistics to clear the air..
Zidane won the UEFA Champions League on his first season with Real Madrid and closed the gap in the league from a twelve point disadvantage to just one point.

Xavi on his first season as a Barça coach, was eleminated from the Uefa Champions League, was eleminated from the Europa League, took the team from a 12 point disadvantage and now they are 15 points behind Real Madrid in the table.

The best of all is that Xavi has already 7 defeats this season, while Zidane won his 8th title with Real Madrid before his 7th defeat. That’s just mind blowing.

In his coaching career, Zidane never lost at Atlético’s Wanda Metropolitano, never lost at Barça’s Spotify Camp Nou, never lost at Bayern’s Allianz Arena and never lost a final as a coach 9/9

Zinedine Zidane is just unique and matched!

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