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A Picture Of Wizkid Surfaced Online, Showing He Was Born Before In The 18th Century

The internet space started buzzing in the early hours of today when a picture of one of Nigerian’s biggest Afrobeats export, Wizkid surfaced online. To the amazement of Netizens the picture which was believed to have been taken more than 10 decades ago has really caused a stir.

Ayo Balogun Ibrahim(Wizkid or Big Wiz) recently buried his mother and ever since has stayed back home to enjoy the fruit of his hard work. Some even thought the picture was one of Wizkid’s numerous pictures which was edited but it wasn’t like that, the said picture was really an old picture which is now believed that the singer may just have reincarnated.

Looking at the photograph the man looks exactly like Wizkid even more than his biological father or sibling, it could actually pass for a twin Wizkid. The striking resemblance is such that one will be forced to have thoughts running through his or her mind. From the nose, to the lips, composition of his personality matches that of Wizkid by 100% or we can just conclude that it’s Wizkid. Below is the controversial photograph;

According to some accounts, the picture was taken in 1789 or 1879 but the authenticity of it is yet to be known. Truly, God created every human being with his double some believed.. if not, do you believe in reincarnation?

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