A Third Respondent Has Joined The Feud In An Open Letter To Blessing Okoro

Blessing, I have seen your many takes on relationship and marriage, and they reek of benightedness. Not to mention one of your priced WhatsApp classes where you were going to teach women how to be happy in their unhappy relationships. Pathetic. You spew a lot of toxic patriarchal and parochial beliefs that leave me dumbfounded. Sometimes, I genuinely wish that it’ll get better for your mental faculty. Your bio says “certified relationship/mental expert” but everything else about you screams the opposite.

Well, my reason for writing you is: leave Madam Ada Ameh alone. You had the temerity to say that she speaks like a tout because she called out Kemi’s insensitivity, which was a well-deserved overdue call out. Blessing, scratch that, NKIRU, that’s your Igbo name and I know it’ll hit you better. You only spoke against Ma’am Ada because Kemi is your cheerleader. She fans the flames of your buffoonery; she called you the best relationship therapist in Nigeria🌝😂 who trained you?

Birds of same feathers flock together, I get it, but let ma Ada rest. She spoke from the pain of losing a child. It is akin to losing your seed before it germinates; the pain is deep. She called out your mummy, Kemi, because she knows the pain of losing a child…

Many of you on this platform are scared to speak the truth. You pander to people who cheer you and those you want to obtain favor from. It is appalling to see how this culture of ass-licking thrives amongst y’all. Sylvester was killed few days to his 12th birthday. I cried, I imagined that it could be anyone close to me, but instead of you sternly opposing Kemi’s nuisance, you’re calling Ada a tout. Think twice before you reply me, it’ll be for your good. Cheers, Nkiruka Okoro. – Buchi Solomon

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