After That Show Of Shame, Do Bianca And Ebelechukwu Have Moral Right To Advice Young Girls To Shun Violence

The disgraceful act and show of shame between two societal women who a lot of people look up to left a soured taste in the mouth of most people.

Public outburst further showed that the faceoff between Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano and Mrs Bianca Ojukwu didn’t portray the state in a good light and the women who many look up to. It was unnecessary, uncalled for and unwarranted. To even think of doing such on a day when the people are supposedly happy because of a new dispensation for the state of Anambra is too shameful.

The women did not show strength of character and respect for the new Governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo whose swearing-in ceremony was marred with ‘dirty slaps’ and it will go down in history. One will be tempted to say that this may not be a good omen for the man who just took over reign of affairs in the state!

Mothers, women we know have restraint in the face of provocation most times because they always defend the interest of their family and what the society at large will say. But here, caution was thrown to the winds and hell was let loosed which was very sad.

However, the incident didn’t deter the occasion from proceeding which ushered in a breath of fresh air for the Anambarians. Its now left for the ‘highly esteemed ladies’ to go and redeem their images from people they intend to lead in future endeavors and especially the young girls they will have to advice to shun violence.

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