Governor Charles Soludo’s Body-language Is Enveloped In His First Message, ‘No Kobo To Waste On Funfair’

There is a new sheriff in town Ndi Anambra or is this another initial ‘gra-gra according to our 9ja slangs’?

The new Anambra Governor, Chukwuma Charles Soludo has dropped his first warning statement “No Kobo To Waste On Funfair.” He said that concerning the Inauguration ceremony and has promised to hit the ground running.

Governor Charles Soludo has promised to begin work immediately, assuring the Anambra people of delivering on his campaign promises.

Governor Charles Soludo during swearing in ceremony

A remark he made during his inaugural address after both of them were sworn into office alongside his deputy, Onyeka Ibezim.

The body-language of the governor is saying a lot.. “I will announce some of the principal officers of my administration and commence with serious meetings of the Anambra Security Council followed by a meeting with the permanent secretaries and with my strategy, execution, and evaluation team.” And immediately the appointment of his SSG and two others were made to hit ground running.

He came in with so much excitement and enthusiasm, the ability and willingness to deliver on campaign promises for the betterment of Anambarians. Let’s hope this will not go in the way of others!

We wish well in the task ahead.

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