UK-based Nigerian Senior Solicitor Fined £45,000 For Flirting With Female Interviewee

A Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal panel has fined a United Kingdom-based Nigerian lawyer, Victor Nwosu, almost £45,000 for making erotic remarks at a female interview candidate.

The 48-year-old Nwosu, said to head of a law firm, was quoted as telling the 22-year-old female candidate ‘mmm, I like what I see’ during the interview.

The victim told Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal that Nwosu informed her that “I only employ beautiful women” and asked whether she had a boyfriend, according to Metro UK report

The candidate, who has a first-class degree and a masters, had applied to be a paralegal but was left sobbing after the traumatic interview.

According to her, Nwosu undressed me with his eyes and I felt like a piece of meat.

“He said I was very, very beautiful. He told me that I have to wear skirts when I come into work, he doesn’t like it when women wear trousers,” she said while narrating the incident to her friends.

The woman, however, rejected his offer of a job at DCK Solicitors in north London and reported him to prevent other women from being in a ‘similar position’.

She told the tribunal: ‘The interview was quite traumatic for me, it was the first paralegal role that I had ever applied for.

‘I felt so violated as he was in a position of power as I was in an interview… I went home and cried.

‘I felt that I could not go into the profession, I built up my hopes of what it would be like and it was crushing. I was not going to make a complaint as I thought he was in a position of power and no one would believe me.

‘I was so horrified by how he behaved I felt I would be trading in my dignity to work there.’

Nwosu, who denied all the allegations, said he was happily married and called the case ‘female activism gone wrong’.

He added: “She has the power, that’s why I am here [because] she’s applied overt activism [and] I am the victim.

“She’s embarrassed me and brought me here, she has the power.”

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