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WAFCON 2022: The Dynamic and Impenetrable Defence Wall of Ebi-Ohale

Onome Ebi and Osinachi Ohale’s duo is now a phenomenon that needs to be studied. Their flow is so fluid and interwoven such that you will enjoy a beautiful well coordinated show of mastery from behind.

The experience they exhibit is that of trained marshals who are now directors themselves. They direct the flow of the game, make the girls enjoy the play and exude confidence from the defence. One could now see why in 4 games their wall was penetrated just once and ever since it has become mathematics for the opposing teams.

The ferociousness of Ohale and the dexterity of Ebi is a superb combination which amazingly can be switched by both of them depending on the temple of the game and the opponent. This duo are so matured in the way they play because of experience, and like we have always emphasize, ‘you can’t wish away experience’.

So far, the whole team is performing in an optimal level astronomically in this tournament, a result of high-level thinking technical crew. But our emphasis is on a solid defence that is the bedrock and foundation which the Super Falcons have built on and making this current success.

What an awesome statistics; they have conceded just 2 goals, and have scored 8 goals in 4 games so far with 2 games to go. They just keep getting better and like a fine wine, more better with every game.
This 1:0 defeat against Cameroon today means a world cup ticket for the Falcons.

The falcon is always super!

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