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Spartan FC Agege Will Become A Force To Reckon With Very Soon – Coach Abdul

Spartan FC Agege is gradually taking the shape and format proposed in the future picture of the young tactician who is steering the ship to destination top.

As the dust begins to settle, every water is flowing, finding it’s way, round pegs in round hole and square pegs in square holes. According to Coach Abdul; “The team is progressing as we constantly play our matches at the ongoing UFC championship in Abalti Barracks Surulere, that does not mean that we haven’t lost a game but so far, I’ve identified many good players in the team and getting to understand their flow even more.”

All over the world, young team managers are always invigorated in their programs because the same way they feel in their heart is what they want to see translates into play from the players. Coach Abdul is such a handler who is thorough in his approach towards getting results.

“It’s going to be a very good one for the up coming league season that is about to commence and Insha Allah before then, the team will be stronger and better because I already understand the dynamism of team make-up and how I will use each player in their respective roles.”

Coach Abdul on duty, dishing out instructions to the boys (Spartan FC Agege)

One beautiful aspect of this team, Spartan FC that has caught our attention is the fact that, they have a formidable team which after like 10 matches it can be categorically stated that, the team is headed for the top and for greatness.

He has only one thing in mind, to make Spartan FC Agege a team to beat!

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