CR7’s Demands From Al-Nassr & Saudi Arabia Socio-economic Gains For Signing Him

A lot of people would naturally react to Cristiano Ronaldo’s never-done-before-sign-on in history to Saudi Arabia which they feel the Arabs are spending too much money unnecessarily on a 38 year old player.

But do you know they will get 10times more from the deal? Here’s why,..

  1. They have brought the world’s attention to their league by signing the most followed athlete/human being in this world. They will use that attention to show the world that they can also do football like the English, Germans, Italians and Spanish.
  2. They are going to reap economic returns from tv rights, sale of merchandise, image rights etc. IMMEDIATE
  3. This will be the first time ever, any Arab club has signed a player of Ronaldo’s magnitude. HISTORY!
  4. They are now using Ronaldo’s signing to push for hosting rights of the 2030 FIFA world cup. He is now their world cup bid ambassador

Signing Ronaldo goes beyond football. It has a very huge socio-economic benefits to Al-Nassr and the entire Saudi Arabia, beyond the surface.

These are the lists of things that came with the deal and are at Cristiano Ronaldo’s disposal in Saudi Arabia:

  • 5 cars
  • A palace in the city of Riyadh which includes:
  • Full security company
  • Private store, a supermarket
  • Olympic swimming pool
  • 2 Mini football fields
  • 1 basketball court
  • 2 gymnasiums
  • 3 restaurants

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