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I want Everyone To Note I never In My Life Publicly Called Alex Ekubo Gay – Fancy Acholonu

I never wanted to speak up. My silence was golden. I do not want to tarnish his image. My pain was my secret. He opened me up for selfish reasons. I should have known better. I’m sorry to everyone involved. This is all very humiliating, but I have to defend myself with the truth. this too shall pass. Taking time off to heal.

My receipts are allowing me to speak and no longer be meek. I’m not trying to tarnish his image, I’m only speaking my truth because he wanted this public apology to trend and hurt me without telling the world the full story behind the scenes. What he did was cruel. I feel he owes me a series of apologies now but i doubt I’ll get that but unlike him I won’t pressure. This year it’s about loving myself, repairing my self esteem, being strong and moving forward. This has been draining for me and and i feel I’ve said enough, I am free and I can finally heal and move

I want everyone to please note that I never in my life publicly called Alexx gay. I would never out someone if they were; it’s not my place. My statement was everyone should find their happiness and live in their truth, i did not say his truth. That short and bold statement covered everything the lie that my relationship with him was the whole time. With my story you can decide whatever you want to believe about him or me.

This has to be the most devastating thing I’ve ever been through, and for it to be so public; I pray we both find healing and peace because it won’t be an easy journey. One breakup statement shouldn’t have led to all this. I wish I never said anything but I am human; I was fed up with good reasons. I pray he doesn’t only focus on people’s reactions but evaluate his actions too. I also pray he learns to be real and more forgiving with his next person and not be so consumed with having the perfect image because it’s draining to keep that up. My mental health can’t tolerate our relationship anymore.

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