I Borrowed $70 From My Younger Brother To Build Multi-Million Naira Business During COVID-19- Ambassador Martins

People may have had different sad experiences with health wellness product companies but that’s not the story with Ambassador Martins Adimmabua Idaboloabana.

Ambassador Martins is a businessman, an entrepreneur and a brand ambassador for Revoobit International, a Malaysian marketing, distribution and production company that’s into health wellness and also teaching people how to leverage on their platform to be able to create wealth.

Ambassador Martins Adimmabua Idaboloabana

Interestingly the business man who practically turns a millionaire in the space of 3years shares his experience and journey to the top.
According to Ambassador Martins;

“My journey to Revoobit International started on the 9th of June 2020 during the COVID-19. Someone shared this wonderful opportunity with me and I looked into it and I decided to say yes, but honestly, it’s not that easy because I needed little investment to begin the business. And honestly, because I saw the big picture, because I saw the vision I borrowed about $70 from my younger brother, yes, I borrowed $70 and today I have built a brand for myself.”

Ambassador Martins in Malaysia enjoying the fruit of his labour

“I have earned millions in this business, I own cars, I own houses and also I have successfully built a team of about 30,000 distributor across 30 countries and the majority of this is coming from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Gambia a market which I’m penetrating at the moment.”

With his Revoobit partners

He also states the reason why he decided to partner with the company for the sole reason of getting people to be aware of the concept and immense benefits that abounds in Revoobit. Pointing out how other companies don’t give what’s due the field men and women, but in Revoobit it’s different.

He added, “.. but here in Revoobit International, each time you recommend people to take a look at our product, healthy products, powerful products, stem cells products the company pays you commission. And that’s what I do, I teach people how they can use their smart phones to create source of income for themselves. I also mentor, I guide people and as I speak to you at the moment I’ve several, hundreds and thousands of 7 figure income earners who are using their phones to be able to make money everyday. That’s what I do, I teach people how to make money daily..”

He has houses, cars because of Revoobit

Ambassador Martin who is a very optimistic businessman also talked the mission, breaking boundaries of the mind, showing people the limitless opportunities to having a better future.

Saying smart phones are the future offices and why will an able bodied person have smart phone and still complain of not having money, begging?

He has won many recognition awards because of his hard work and excellent performance

Ambassador Martins is is very available to teach people how he travelled to about 6countries in the world including Malaysia because of the company he founded with just $60-70.

He holds a weekly empowerment training at his office in Ikeja, No 16 Amore Street, Off Toyin street Ikeja Lagos.

Mondays & Wednesdays by 11am

for more information about him, kindly visit his website;

Call/Whatsapp: +2349068206798

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