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Coach Abdul’s Led Spartan FC Agege On Goals Rampage, Scoring 8 In A Single Game

Indeed it’s truly a new dawn like we have said before, Spartan FC Agege has raised the performance stakes, they have been on a winning streak since a fresh handler, coach Abdul took over the affairs of the club in July.

Coach Abdul on duty giving out instructions at the ongoing United Football Championship (UFC)

The young energetic manager has dropped his vibrant, fresh and skillful touch on the team making it magical as they thumped rivals, S.C FC on Tuesday August 28, 2023 by 8 goals which apparently is the biggest win so far in the team’s history.

Spartan FC is in a very high spirit at the moment, so much so that in their last 4 games, they have scored 11 goals conceding just 1 and winning all 4. Two of those games coming from the ongoing United Football Championship (UFC) at Albatti Barracks Suru lere, Lagos and two from other top engagements.

Spartan FC Agege getting briefs before a match

This is the current spirit in the team which they intend to maintain as they look forward to confronting future challenges in moving the club to the desired level.

Coach Abdul full of excitement and optimism said; “.. of course this feat wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation, determination and dedication of the players to want to make a difference.”

He added, “the boys are ready both physically and mentally to take on the task ahead!”

A picture between a manager and his player

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