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Don’t Be Deceived By What You See On Social Media – Rev Funke Adejumo

If you live your life based on what you see on social media, I don’t think you will live long. Social media is full of fakes, and that is why you must not live your life on it.

The value of your life is not determined by how many likes and followers you have on social media, so don’t be deceived by what you see on social media, because that is not the real life. Stop comparing yourself with people because you don’t know how they do their thing.

Psychologist have discovered that you are 20% richer or poorer than the seven closest people in your life, excluding your family, so if you want to become wealthier, you need to step out, and you need to know that you can never be wealthy by just doing salary.

Don’t eat your tomorrow today, don’t fly when you should be crawling, so wait for your season.

Human beings are bound to make mistake, so one mistake of your life should not discourage you from moving forward. Making mistake simply means that you are not there yet, but still on the process, so what you need to do when you make mistake, is to forgive yourself of the past mistakes and move on with your life.

There are things we all wished we didn’t do, there are things we all said that we wished we didn’t say, so your case is not the worst because we are human beings and humans are bound to make mistake.

Most of you didn’t plan for your life to turn out this way, most of you didn’t plan for your marriage to turn out this way , but it has happened, and you should not kill yourself for it.

Instead of blaming of the past mistakes that you made, find something to do you can transferred all those blames to.

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