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Entitlement Mentality Has Ruined Many Relationships – Aisha Yesufu

Social commentator and activist, Aisha Yesufu who recently turned fifty(50) has wade in on the trending issue on X, formerly Twitter.

The debate has been on about how a lady was to be preparing lunch for her supposed 9-5 working husband by getting up 4:30am in the morning to do that. She said she could not do it at first but when a female colleague offered her husband a second spoon, that he can join her lunch, it became a must-do for her.

Yesufu posted on her X handle, saying in a relationship no spouse is fixed and mandated to serve the other.. she wrote; “I have two children. Male and female. 24 and 22.

I brought the male up to know he has no right to anyone cooking or cleaning for him. He has his two hands.

I also brought the female up to know she has no right to anyone paying her bills. She has a brain.”

The activist ended her position on the matter by citing the entitlement mentality that is causing problems in many relationships.

“Entitlement mentality has ruined many relationships. People refuse to look at the strength and weaknesses of their spouses and insist on their rights even when it is not the strength of their spouses. They then wonder why they have a resentful spouse.”

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