Dr. Abdallah Alkenanah Counsel Party Supporters 5Days To The General Elections

We are in the last days before the General Elections, as a matter of fact the last five days before February 25, the much anticipated and talked about day literally in the last 2years of our national life.

I admonish our beloved supporters and well wishers to keep up with the door to door campaign in earnest, talk to people about the importance of our candidate and his vice, the policies he’s promised the Nigerian people, the benefit thereof and how we will be better for it in the RENEWED HOPE master plan.

We must not forget that it’s synergy that will get prosperity and dividend of democracy from national to the states and in this instance I’m particular about Kano. We must do all we can to make this a reality.

We have a man who is service oriented, who has the prerequisite and wherewithal and this time around not resources but in worth, governance and good will of the people. A servant leader like no other and the true face of the people in a democratic settings, in demeanor, mannerisms and respecter of institutions be it government or traditional.

He’s Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, we can’t get tired of talking of his personality because like the saying, ‘you can’t give what you don’t have’, he has so much to give and those who are one way or the other in contact with him can testify to this fact. I firmly believe in the leadership of Dr. Gawuna and so many other qualities he possesses.

Let’s make it count dear fellow compatriots! APC, our presidential candidate, his vice, our governorship candidate and his deputy, it our responsibility.

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