Dr. Mike Adenuga (Chairman) Is A Light and Has Impacted Our Lives – Yemi Wilde-Halim

Life is beautiful and full of colors, but what you make out of it depends on your ability to paint your thoughts.. it is even more beautiful, colorful when you paint the lives of others to GLOw.

This is the story of Africa’s Titan and greatest communication colossus, Chief, Dr. Michael Adeniyi Adenuga who will prefer to GLOw the lives of those around but yet want to stay back and applaud from behind the scene.

A man of immense intellectual prowess, vision and capacity to influence the younger generation to dream big and to aspire to even achieving the seemingly impossible feat.

On a day like today, 29th of April, 2023 words will certainly not be enough to describe this enigmatic being who is a giver and silent sponsor of noble courses to enhance the development and growth of humanity around Africa and the world at large.

Even though he may not like the spotlight and attention of today, but a man who has chosen to shine the light for others not to stumble definitely can and will not fall because of the light he’s kindle.

As an individual and part of the former communications department, we the Alumni MAJrs Okoawo and Bellesima-on-waterfront school of management have come together to wish him, Dr. Mike Adenuga, Mr. Chairman a beautiful birthday celebration. He impacted our lives at one time and still doing to so many others.

Seventy (70) and still GLOwing is a true mark of favour from the Almighty, the giver and maker of life.

We wish you a hearty 70 cheers in good health and tranquility.

Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Chairman, Sir!

Mrs Yemi Wilde-Halim

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