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Former Miss World’s Son Damian Junior Gong Marley Is 43 Years

Damian Robert Nesta “Jr. Gong” Marley, was born 21 July 1978 in Jamaica. Damian Marley as he is popularly called is a Jamaican DJ, singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer.

A renowned lyricist with his unique style of reggae Dancehall unlike his father Bob Marley, Damian is the youngest son of reggae singer Bob Marley. He was two years old when his father died; he is the only child born to Marley and Cindy Breakspeare, Miss World 1976.

His nickname “Junior Gong” is derived from his father’s nickname of “Tuff Gong” which also was named as the Marley’s studio. Damian has been performing since the age of 13. He has won four Grammy Awards. Reggae Album: 2018 Stony Hill, 2006 Welcome to Jamrock, 2002 Halfway Tree and Urban/Alternative Performance 2006.

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