Former Senegalese Ex-International And Coach Aliou Cisse Replies Klopp’s Statement About Afcon

AFCON a little tournament.
🗣 “I manage Senegal and my players play for Klopp at Liverpool, I respect Liverpool not Klopp who undermines African football events. He is where he is today because of African footballers.

“Without them he was losing every finals until Salah, Mané, Matip came to his rescue to win the first ever major European big final. Today he has the guts to call AFCON ‘A small Tournament.’ AFCON has the same number of participants 24 like their UEFA Euro, who does he think he is?

“AFCON will have the same superstars that are currently helping him to shine at Liverpool. AFCON is in same quality as Euros. I am glad Mané is still humble despite being under an arrogant man!”

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