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Lady Who Rejected President Diomaye Faye Years Back Says, She’s Ready To Be Third Wife

This is the Senegalese girl who posted on her page about her regrets for refusing the advances of the young Senegalese President, Bassirou Diomaye Faye some years back.

She says when they were students, the guy ran behind her since they were interns at ENA (like ENA on Abomey-Calavi campus).

Even when he was at the tax office, a tax collector he was ready to have everything for her but she said he was not on her level.

But curiously today she says she’s ready to become his third wife! Life truly they say is not balanced.. some ladies have used their husbands as boyfriend and supposed boyfriends as husbands.

Just be humble and be yourself at all times, never look down on anyone because tables do turn and really fast at that.. no matter how beautiful a woman is, it is expected that she will be of modest behavior which goes a long way beyond the physical beauty and physiognomy.

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