Nigeria’s Most Decorated Football Player Kanu Nwankwo Celebrates His 45th Birthday

Kanu Nwankwo AkA papilo is a Nigerian ex-international football player born in 1976 from the eastern part of the country. Papilo is the most decorated player we have had yet and he’s the Founder of Kanu heart foundation, a foundation that has helped many lives.

Kanu Nwankwo is one player you cant get enough of in the pitch of play. He has dexterity and his sense of play is second to known.. we wish him a more fruitful years ahead! Happy Birthday Papilo!!

Below are his accolades:

🏆 UEFA Champions League
🏆 UEFA Cup
🏆 3X FA Cup
🥇 Olympic Gold Medal
🏆 2X English Premier League
🏆 3X Dutch Eredivisie
🏆 1X Nigerian Premier league
🏆 1X U17 World Cup
🏅 2X African Footballer of the Year

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