Note: 5 Important Actions To Maximize Tomorrow’s Election – Dr. Abdallah Alkenanah

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters, party faithfuls and lovers of democracy; it is a great honor and privilege by the mercies of Allah SWA who has brought us here.

First of all, I want to thank him for that, alhamdullilah! As we look forward to tomorrow I have few things to remind you of and bring to your attention again as we go into the election as one indivisible party, APC.

Here are the 5 major actions to take tomorrow:

  1. You should arrive your polling unit early enough for the accreditation and other activities related to that. You must be orderly and follow every instructions.
  2. You should remind all those you have mobilized to go and vote, by calling them and sending text messages and if possible help them get to the polling unit.
  3. You must seek to know the rules of voting to avoid void votes, cancellation or any other actions that will jeopardize our chances of winning.
  4. You must make sure your finger is clean, smooth without any layers on it to be able to be captured by the BVAS machine.
  5. Shun unnecessary argument, focus on the task and exercise your franchise. Again, in an orderly manner do your civic duty as a patriot.

Lastly, pray for our party, it leadership and all our flag bearers concerning this election as you observe your salaat today? We should make all effort to avoid provocation in all forms because victory is ours Insha Allah!

Jumaat Mubarak!!

APC, together as one indivisible party

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