PDP: The Reason Atiku Picked Okowa Over Wike As Vice President

The quest to pick a Vice President in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been laid to rest. However, a relevant portion of the revised electoral law was made public which could have been the reason some of the ‘preferred candidates’ didn’t make it as speculated on social and print media.

An excerpt from a very thoughtful article by PDP chieftain Edjeren Ruke, Former Deputy General Manager Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba puts it this way..

“The revised electoral law which unbelievably kept statutory delegates out the recently concluded primaries, has been sitted again. The law disallowed anyone who has contested for a position in an electoral year from contesting in another position in that same year .

It is that same law that will stop Alhaji Abubakar Atiku from contesting for a second term if he eventually win the 2023 presidential election. Because the law says having served as a Vice president for two tenures, he can only serve as president for one tenure.

The new law does not permit anyone who has contested for primaries in one party to skip to another for any position in the same election year. So the Mr.Peter Obi coming to PDP or NNPP Kwankwasiya teaming with Peter Obi is gone..

The law does not even permit that any of those that has contested for any position to take up any other in the same year.. so the story of Nyesom Wike or Yahaya Bello, being a VP is off for 2023… because they can’t aspire for president and VP in the same electoral year.

In fact, the scenerio that made Atiku a VP can’t happen again, where he won as governor and was later picked by Olusegun Obasanjo..”

This is a welcome development for the political space in our dear country because the electoral law has put to rest so many anomalies in the polity.

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