The Figures 371, 1271 And 12371, A Tough Choice and The Metaphysics of 2023 – Prof Chris Nwaokobia Jnr

I have tasked my body, soul and spirit with the swing of the redemptive pendulum with 2023 in view. I have pondered about the numericals and debated the facts before us. I have x-rayed the conjectures and analyzed the strength and the weakness of the leading contenders to the Office of President come 2023.

It will be three decades (30years) since we had the freest and the fairest election in our nations history. 30years after there is hope that we may have a very credible election come 2023, thanks to the Amendment of the Electoral Act to allow for Electronic Transmission of Results from Polling Units, the challenge therefore is how the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC responds to the call of history, and the urgency of now.

What happened in 1993 ditto the annulment of the Presidential election will not happen in 2023, however the numericals point to a stalement, the Big Two will cancel out each other, and a Third Force shall carry the day. Yes, a People driven Third Force shall annul the status quo and take back the Country for good. Don’t wait for too long, here are the numericals.

If we agree that largely the difference between the two dominant Parties the APC and the PDP is the difference between six and half a dozen, and if this truth sits pretty in your soul this piece will make great sense to you. If for partisanship you live in denial, you are most likely to dispute and deny this truism. Need I however remind you that almost all the members of the National Working Committee NWC and the National Executive Committee NEC of the PDP have been members of the APC and vice versa. They are one, one soul, one tendency and one big Party.

Don’t forget that 30years ago the contestation was between two political tendencies and Parties, the SDP and the NRC, 30years after the second Party comes in the fray as the emergent Third Force that the Peter Obi and the Kwankwaso phenomenon epitomizes. I shall address this in the sequel to this effort, please bear with me. Like the June 12 Fervency headed by Chief MKO Abiola GCFR, there is undeniably a Third Force in the land, a movement beyond religion and region, a movement beyond ethnicity and language, one beyond creed and clan, and one that craves the OBI-dience of the old and the young. One seeking to annul our old ways, one seeking to annul profligacy and one seeking to annul wastage.

The APC/PDP bond is the NRC of 30years ago. And the raging national redemptive movement that reverberates through the land defines the SDP/Abiola phenomenon. Before us Countrymen and women is a defining moment, the numbers are deep, and the metaphysics of it, profound.

The PDP Presidential Candidate Alhaji Abubakar Atiku scored 371 votes to emerge the PDP candidate. And the younger of the two dominant Parties of the same tendency the APC, gave Asiwaju Bola Tinubu 1271. In numerology the two candidates scored the same votes. They have the same score. They will neutralize each other. None of them will win the polls, yes 371 is the same as 1271. Because Nigerians have yearned night and day for a new order, and prayed earnestly for a new day, the universe have risen to the rescue, the Cosmic and indeed the Almighty has spoken. When the delegates in the heavily monetized and dollarised Primaries voted for Atiku and for Tinubu they didn’t know that a tie would come, and that Nigerians will reject them for something new and different.

Don’t wonder too much about how I came bye this truth, I was born on the 12th day of March, 1971, that is 12371. And in the numericals of my birth are the scores of the Presidential Candidates of the PDP and the APC. I am a member of the APC, and headed the Change Ambassadors of Nigeria CAN which in 2015 along with Tinubu and the leaders of the tendency that became the APC sacked a sitting PDP President. In 2019 I was the Spokesperson of Turaki Vanguard one of the groups that campaigned for Abubakar Atiku to replace the Buhari administration on account of not having fulfilled the promises we made to the electorate in 2015. Do not forget that like me, Atiku Abubakar was in 2014/2015 in the APC.

I fought against Jonathan in 2014/2015, and in 2018/2019 I fought against Buhari for the same reasons Nigerians are rooting for a new deal. I supported Atiku in 2018/2019 because I believed that he will outperform Buhari whose first term was largely lack-lustre. As we head towards 2023 the odds are totally different, and so are the candidates. Truly a choice between a Tinubu and an Atiku is a tough one because they are one and the same people, same tendencies, and the same calculus, they will cancel out each other.

I stood before my altar in prayers, I sat in meditation, and x-rayed the uncanny numericals 371 and 1271. In the depth of my search, my soul brought to the fore a greater mystery, my numericals 12371. And I enquired about the uncanniness. Why Atiku’s 371, Tinubu’s 1271 and my 12371. I wondered, and I heard clearly, that the Presidential Candidates of the APC and the PDP will cancel out each other, and that the candidate that I support shall win the 2023 Presidency. What a burden.

In 2014/2015 I supported an opposition candidate to defeat an incumbent, curiously the reasons for which I did that are rife today than they were then. The reasons are perhaps the call of my soul to walk the path that I walked in 2014/2015. That I OBI-diently urge and nudge the Peter Obi redemptive cause for a new Nigeria come 2023 is the thumb of my Soul. And to this I say FORWARD EVER.

I must align with the Young and the Old seeking a new deal for Nigeria come 2023. And with the 12371 Joker Card OBI-diently sway the victory the way of integrity, commitment, prudence, accountability, competency and capacity, GOD WILLING.

I shall march with the OBI-dient, I shall campaign with the OBI-dient, I shall speak for Peter Obi, and I shall Vote for Peter Obi. To this end, may the Labour of our Heroes Past Not Be In Vain.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.

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