Reno Omokri Drops Statistics On 2023 Presidential Election and How It Will Play Out

Reno Omokkri, a social critic who has constantly come under criticism by the labour party and its presidential candidate supporters, the OBI-dients because of his perceived campaign against Peter Obi.

This time he has broken it down statistically how the 2023 general elections will pan out and who will win according to region, registered voters and the voting strength.

“There are 176,846 polling units in Nigeria and 96.2 million registered voters. Of these polling units, 93,191 are in Northern Nigeria, while 83,655 are in Southern Nigeria. The Northwest has the most polling units with 41,671, and 22.67 million registered voters, closely followed by the Southwest with 34,808, and 18.3 million registered voters. Then the North-Central has 27, 514 polling units, and 15.68 million registered voters. The South-South is next with 27, 126 polling units and 15.3 million voters.

The Northeast has 24,006 polling units and 12.8 million registered voters. While the Southeast has 21,631 polling units and 11.49 million registered voters. These are facts that will determine 2023, not insults, abuse and threats! To those who would like to see crowds, be patient. Wait until after September 28., 2022. The crowds you will see will sift those who make noise from those who make news. There is no polling unit on social media. So, if you like, you can catch your cruise and win your election there!”

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