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The Doctors Nigeria, A Panacea To Societal Health Constraints In Modern Day Nigeria And Africa

Dr Dayo Osholowu popularly known as ‘Dr DO’ is the Managing Director and Surgeon General at Kasi Health care. An integrated organization in the hygiene and healthcare sector in Africa with their headquarters in Lagos Nigeria.


Dr Dayo is a Nigerian from the Yoruba speaking part in south west. His vision is to develop Nigeria to a stage where it becomes healthcare manufacturing destination and top 10 medical tourism in the next 10 years. This has created jobs already but the target is to create over 10,000 jobs directly and contributing Billions of dollars to the GDP through internal medical tourism receipts and exports of hygiene, healthcare products and drugs. Nigeria is known throughout the world for it medical tourism gulping billions of dollars yearly.. A situation he eagerly wants to turn around.

Dr Matilda Kerry

He’s the host of The Doctors Nigeria co hosted by Dr Matilda Kerry a former beauty queen and Dr Marjana Mijinyawa a family health physician.

Dr Marjana Mijinyawa

The Doctors Nigeria is a timely interventional program that has changed the mindset of people and brought excitement to it teaming viewers by easing that tension or fear as it were between a patient-doctor relationship.
Health matters can now be discussed with ease void of fear, including other daily, life related issues that affects the society. All thanks to The Doctors Nigeria!

The Doctors Nigeria Show is gaining grounds due to more partnerships, like the recent one with News Central TV on Star Times showing every Sunday by 7pm and repeat on Saturday morning by 10:am. This is in addition to the one showing on Africa Independent Television (AIT) by 9:pm every Sunday evening. Africa is better for this timely beautiful and life saving show!

Watch a little take from the show and relief the moments on #TheDoctorsNG

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