The Joy of The Last Friday In The Month of Ramadan, Could This Be The Last? – Dr. A.A.T Alkenanah

The significance of Jumu’ah in the Muslim calender can never be over emphasized, it is even more significant in the holy month of Ramadan.
In this instance, the significance of today’s Jumu’ah is that, it maybe the last for this month of Ramadan.

The last Friday is called Jumu’atul-Widaa’ in Arabic; جمعة الوداع it means Friday of farewell, or could also be called al-Jumu’ah al-Yateemah which in Arabic is, الجمعة اليتيمة

Al-Widaa Juma as the last Friday in the month of Ramadan usually comes with excitement because it’s the last Friday before Eid-ul-Fitr celebration.

Ending the Ramadan fast is an opportunity for those who Allah granted mercy to witness the beginning and also the end, It is a big privilege indeed! We are hoping this is the last Friday but it’s still subject to the will of Almighty Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful.

As Muslim faithfuls, so much to take home from this month; the blessings, the lessons and most importantly, to continue in the trajectory of Ramadan because it’s not a one off thing. As we will continue to strive to be better humans, may Allah grant us the willpower to always do the right thing.

Let’s remember to pray for our dear state, leaders and the peace of Nigeria as we observe our salaat today. May Allah grant us our heart requests, Ameen.

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