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This Responsibility Is Big I Depend On God, He’s The One Who’ll Lead Me – Jimmy Odukoya

Nollywood actor and son of late Pastor Taiwo and Bimbo Odukoya of Fountain Of Life Church has succeeded his late father as the senior Pastor of the church. Pastor Jimmy Odukoya was ordained in 2009 and later was ordained at the Fountain Of Life Church in 2012, and he became the youth pastor of the church up until 2020/21.

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya in an interview with BBC Pidgin spoke about his life and the journey so far.., becoming the senior pastor which is an act of God and never his making. When asked what are some of the challenges he’s faced?
Responding pastor Jimmy said, nothing will shake him again seeing the things he feared most has already happened to him.

Loosing those people who are very important in your life nothing else will matter to you anymore. From loosing Mom, Step-Mom, Aunty, Grandparents and recently loosing a Father, nothing could be more worse than this in a man’s life.

Speaking on his dread locks and how he will handle criticism, the young minister points everything he does to the scriptures, from his hair to beard to earrings, all came from the bible and he can back it up he said. Also spoke on how he will handle his film career as an actor who will now be a full time minister, he lays it at God’s feet saying a constant fellowship with God will gradually clear the path and how he will navigate this huge responsibility.

Because initially when he started his acting career it looked like he won’t be accepted from both church and the outside world but God cleared the way and that’s how he will clear this same road he called him to walk.

Most important thing for him is what people will learn from any role he’s playing as actor and also what they will learn from God through him in this new responsibility.

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