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You Choose Crass Over Class You Get Served Cold, As Baby Mama Drags Davido To The Cleaners

The hit Davido is currently receiving from his side chic, Anita Brown is something that has kept the entertainment industry bubbling for almost a week now. From some quarters, It could also be said that this is a publicity stunt from both end.

Anita Brown also known as @ninatheelite on almost all her social media accounts is seriously dragging Davido to the cleaners. She claimed they met in Dubai sometime in 2017 which is said to be before Chioma. Even though she’s not the only one to be allegedly pregnant for the singer at the moment, another strange lady surfaces in France immediately Anita came out to alert the public of the development.

Instagram picture: Anita Brown @ninatheelite

The ‘baby mama’ drama is one common thing with our entertainment industry especially the singers. Tubaba has had his fair share and may still be having, we even heard a rumour of pregnancy with a banker recently. Wizkid and many others in the industry but little is heard of Burna Boy in that regard.

This whole brouhaha started immediately after the 2023 BET Award on Sunday last week and one would have thought that Burna Boy who won the best International Act will headline the news days after but lo and behold Davido who only performed at the Awards took over the news in Nigeria and the world.

Anita has put out many ‘facts’ yet to be debunked by Davido and the 30B gang, she even shared how family of the singer pleaded with her to take things easy and that they will be responsible for the child if truly it is what it is. She also talked about so many secrets which many are surprised as to how she knew all that if they weren’t that close intimately, revealing many chats and receipts of monies received from Davido.

She kept spewing controversial facts like how Davido did a song for Chioma and did another one to appease her, telling her he was never married only to rush and break the news of his marriage to Chioma after the death of his son, Ifeanyi Adeleke.

It is an ongoing conversation with many angles still emerging, we shall keep tab on happenings to update our dear readers.

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