2023: We Need A Good Administrator With Undisputable Natural Abilities, Which Is Gawuna – Dr. Abdallah A. Tahir

Governance should be for the people, and in bringing about the essence of it, we must ensure it efficacy when it comes to delivering the dividends.

The forms of government considered desirable to usher in good governance to meet the aspirations of the people, be it liberal or social democracy is considered compatible because of internal connections with the people, norms and tenets of democracy.

The rights of the electorates; political rights, political representation, is to enhance a smooth flow in governance. This will in return bring about good governance which can only be achieved by someone who is truly committed to change, and that is Gawuna.

Gawuna is just that bridge between stepping into all that has been said above because to have good governance, you need a Good Administrator With Undisputable Natural Abilities. A true reflection of the people in a leader that can harness the potentials of those he’s leading.

To balance this equation he must be supported by a Great Assistant Ready to Organize. Such an example is how he (Garo) led and manage the affairs, activities of 44 LG in kano successful in an unprecedented manner. How can this duo not bring about the kano of our dreams? Indeed kano will be in safe hands come 2023.

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