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Abdallah Tahir Alkenanah Is Making The World Around Him Better, Promising Than He Met It

Education is the bedrock of any society, not just any society but a progressive one. When you now take a step further to educate the youths you are preserving the legacy of that society and this is related to the vision of a progressive mind in the helm of affairs that is saddled with the responsibility to steer the boat at any level of leadership.

This describes Abdallah Tahir Ahmad Alkenanah, Director General Kano state Urban Beautification and Landscaping Agency because of his broad spectra of how he views things in general. Authoritatively, we can tell you that he’s actively involved in educating many youth in his sphere of influence. Under the fluorescent of political correctness he truly represents the hoi polloi because it is believed that when he gets bigger opportunity he certainly will deliver the dividend of democracy in it full measure.

Leadership empathy

Has always imparted those around him with the investment of his personality.
One can boldly point to things like; job creation, educational support, charitable donations, sports and other psychological support he provides without making so much noise, but certainly the grassroot feels his pulse. Prior to his becoming a DG, in his personal capacity, he’s a rallying point.. You can’t see him without a group of people, like they say ’24/7′. As a boss he’s excellent in the way he runs his establishment near to perfection!

Always at the forefront
People oriented

Currently, many are employed in the state under his leadership inclusiveness. DG Abdallah Tahir never ceases to show his gratitude openly and otherwise to the executive Governor of kano His Excellency Dr Umar Abdullahi Ganduje for the opportunity to serve, and one sure way is, his loyalty and commitment to the course. He has also received tremendous support from his Excellency the Deputy Governor, Dr Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna. They are the ingredients to his high level performance. By putting up an excellent performance, Alkenanah has practically opened up the political space for young, competent leaders who are aspiring to serve in any capacity if given the chance and opportunity.

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