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Charles Awuzie Gifted Davido Additional $31,000 (12.7million Naira) To Help More People

He started by saying.. “Please permit me to celebrate Africa’s Greatest Musician Davido
He has done what nobody expected him to do…

He raised almost $500,000 for his birthday celebration and gave it back to Charity.

If you know anyone close to Davido, please tell him that Charles Awuzie will like to donate 50 Million Transhuman Coin to him. This donation is valued at 31,000 USD or 12. 7 Million Naira.

We can be reached by email – admin@transhumancoin.finance or via my inbox.

He can decide to HOLD this 50 Million Transhuman Coin for one year during which time the value may jump to $1 per THC meaning he could have 50 Million dollars in 1 year to do more good in Africa.

Please share this until it gets to him.

May Africa have more great sons like Davido…”

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