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Elder Sister Of Lady Killed A Month To Her Wedding In The Ikoyi Building Collapse, Passes On

Its barely a month ago that the ikoyi tragedy happened and claimed a young lady’s life who was set to get married few weeks before her death. Same has happened with the family again as the elder sister to the lady has passed on..

Blessed Nasa Eriamah wrote:

“Exactly 3 weeks after the death of your younger sister at the Ikoyi building collapse, you followed her. Loosing 2 daughters in a space of 3 weeks is a pain to terrible for a mother to bear. When we visited you on Monday you were recovering only to hear of your death today😭😭😭. Amaka why did you follow your sister??😭😭😭. Your mother is trying to be strong, she is trying to hide her pain by singing praises to GOD and laughing when we visited today but she is loosing it. Amaka! Amaka! Amaka! Please wake up! the death of Onyinye is enough, you can’t allow your mother to bury 2 children in a day, it is too much for her, Please wake up!.”

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