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Chidi’s Performance As Scar In ‘Shanty Town’ Is Undisputably Unparalleled – Daniel Oki

The just concluded 2023 AMVCA awards has come and gone but left so many talking because of the decisions and quality of winners.

Every actor/actress in their own rights are winners because you cannot ridicule any man’s effort but whether they are deserving or not is the bone of contention in this year’s edition.

There are actors who have not for one day in the many years of this award given a consideration, actors like Ibrahim Chatta and others.. but Daniel Oki thought it otherwise why a Tobi Bakre will beat an experience Chidi Mokeme after that brilliant showcase in “Shanty Town?”

See what Daniel Oki thinks;

“Tobi Bakre winning AMVCA “Best Actor in a Drama” over Chidi Mokeme (Scar), is one reason I’ve always gone against the idea of using votes to determine winners in contests testing creativity. It’s absolutely ludicrous to me.

Everyone knows Chidi’s performance as Scar in ‘Shanty Town’ is undisputably unparalleled. Tobi definitely did a great job in ‘Brotherhood’, but common, not on the level of Scar! Not even close.”

“The fan voting system is heavily flawed. I’ve always advocated an electoral college composed of veteran actors & seasoned movie heads to determine who should win movie awards. Can’t the AMVCA borrow a leaf from The OSCARS?”

“How do you expect a veteran actor like Chidi Mokeme to win (in a fan voting system) over Tobi Bakre who is an alumnus of BB Naija? How is that possible? How many of these Gen Z guys know Chidi?”

“The truth is, the fan voting system isn’t it all, & would never be. Imagine Osas Ihodaro winning over Nsei Ikpe-Etim. Lol.

Omo, I’m gravely disappointed.”

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