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Dr. Alkenanah: Living His Footprints On The Sands Of Time In Sports

Sports is one major element in curbing youthful restiveness in our country, especially football.
It is a unifying factor that has played a major and very significant role in nation building all over the world. When you now have a service oriented leader who has vision embedded in his personality formation, definitely a steady progress is inevitable.

Dr Abdallah Tahir Alkenanah DG Urban Beautification Agency is also beautifying not just the city but the lives of the youths in kano through worthy ventures, especially football. As one man, he has singlehandedly taken sports to the next level in his constituent and kano at large.

One among many organized
The positive energy is so contagious

Organization of tournaments to keep the youths busy is part of a conscious effort over the years of consistency by this icon; lover of sports, the youths and humanity. 2021 was a year the youths in kano will never forget in a hurry, the month of May to be precise, an unforgettable ‘Five Aside’ (5 Aside) tournament was held at the Ahmed Musa sport complex where more than 20 teams participated from all over the state to further encouraged the youths in kano to aspire towards achieving their dreams in football.

The motivation was not just the tournament itself which was a vital part to keep them fit but the reward set was mind-blowing! Rewards such as a brand new car worth millions of naira for the winner, motorcycle for the first runner up and a handsome cash prize for the second runner up. Also included was prizes such as best player, top goal scorer, best goalkeeper and best coach.. Many have not witnessed it in this fashion before, all this was made possible by one man who wears a thinking cap.
This was just last year 2021, who knows what he has up his sleeves in 2022? Because he’s a pro-active leader not the reactionary type. Where a solution is needed he makes sure things are done on time to proffer solution. He’s always tasking himself to doing things for the generality of the people.(People oriented!)

Dr. Abdallah Alkenanah, as a leader he’s always deliberate in his approach towards goals and achievements because to this extent, he’s in partnership with world football governing body and many international partners to help foster growth in the playing career of the young people in kano state, a venture he’s giving utmost priority. Now, this is not only limited to northerners it is to the betterment of the whole country, Nigeria and it teaming youths. He’s never tired, full of enthusiasm seeking to achieve more for the state, the country and to exceed his own expectations and that of the people.

Sports enthusiast

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