Former Aviation Minister Osita Chidoka Eulogies Late Mom As He Plans Burial

Osita Chidoka is the man who brought institutional transformation and reforms to the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), during President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He was also the Aviation Minister under President Good luck Ebele Jonathan, one of the youngest serving ministers then, full of innovation and purpose driven ideas. The former minister who lost his Mum earlier this month has brought sweet but yet painful memories to remembrance. Painful because those sweet memories can’t be replicated, in his words as seen on his social media handle with a photograph and hashtag caption ‘Mama Osi Reflections’;


Normally running gives me a buzz, lifts my mood, and makes me happy. For 3 days now I ran furiously yet my pain has refused to subside. I ran my fastest 5k in a while today, yet my spirit refused to lift. Emotional pain is real. I feel it

Mama Osi was my global and local encyclopedia. She not only well traveled, but she also had a great memory for places, events, and timelines.

“Mummy, how do I get from Knightsbridge to Liverpool station?” I asked in January ” Which station is near you? Take the Piccadilly line and change to the central line at Holborn and stop at Liverpool street station”

“Mummy I am in Italy and I want to buy beads for my traditional outfit” ” Go to Florence, where are you?” I told her we were in Venice. ” Ooh you can buy in Venice there is a market in the old town of Venice, they sell good beads there but if you have time take the train to Florence,” my mum said.

“Mummy I am in Brasilia, where do I buy shoes and leather bags?” I asked her. “You have to go to Franca in Sao Paulo, your Dad had a friend who owns a big shoe factory there. I am not sure if he is still alive” she responded.

Mama Osi was my go-to person whether to find out how we are related to XYZ or where to find a good place to eat.

I am holding myself from calling her number to ask who should we officially inform about the burial. Yes her burial…..

Osita Chidoka
April 2023″

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