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Good Governance, Leadership And Inclusiveness In Globalisation -Dr. Abdallah Tahir Alkenanah

Good governance is imperative for helping societies to have confidence in their identities, an important pre-requisite for tolerance and openness towards others, and provides the framework for peace and stability, human creativity and endeavor.

Good governance is participatory because it has some fundamental elements and they are what bring about the desired change. These are; accountability, transparency, responsiveness and the rule of law. It’s also consensus oriented, effective, efficient and equitable.

Most of all when you create a gender balance it gives governance a sense of belonging and make the process more interesting to the governed. There should always and must be a balance in governance which is one aspect I see and appreciate in the leadership of HE Dr. Umar Abdullahi Ganduje OFR, the executive governor of kano.

He has created that gender parity in the state, where the girl child is no second class citizen. Of course they say ‘charity begins at home’ which is one fact that is so glaring for all to see, his family as an example.

The concept of governance is not new, it is as old as existence and civilization. And it simply means; the process of decision making and the process by which decisions are implemented or not.

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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