Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo Speaks On Agenda For Anambra And The Slap Mrs Obiano Receives

Speaking with AriseNews this morning on an exclusive interview, professor Charles Soludo the executive Governor of Anambra state speaks on the Ndi Anambra agenda.

Soludo talks about how he would build on the people because they are a very resourceful people and by creating an enabling environment the people will definitely thrive. He has declared a state of emergency on infrastructure especially on roads and other life expectancy projects for the state. When asked about security? The governor responded and said the state will maximize the collaboration with the Federal Government in making sure the gap is closed to the barest minimum. Law and order must be restored because its the foundation of every working society. ‘They will not allow few people hold them to ransom.’

Speaking on environmental hazards, promise to begin clearing of drainages, waste management for clean and fresh air for the people to breath instead of the toxic air that is harmful to their health and it is tagged ‘operation clean up Anambra’. Darkness will be a thing of the past in the state, because everywhere will be lighted up with street lights.

He further spoke on some others issues like faceoff between Mrs Obiano and Mrs Ojukwu.. Saying that distraction certainly will not deter his administration’s focus because they are on a trajectory of bringing dividends to the people of the state. He made light of the situation, citing comical relief materials that has emanated from the ‘SLAP’.

The Governor lay emphasis on a working hub he will use a model to grow the state. Stating 4 economic hub known by many from the old eastern region, Awka, Onitsha and two others. He has used himself as an example of how European countries grow their economy by mandating local patronage. Innoson Motors is the official vehicle for Anambra government and local products will be highly patronized to create jobs and wealth for Anambarians. He also spoke on the insecurity in the state and how will tackle it. And the man he took over from Willie Obiano, saying the man is honorable and a good man who keep to his words which is a very hard thing in our political landscape.

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