Goya Oil Is Only A Cooking Oil Not Anointed Oil, Don’t Allow False Prophets Deceive You — Rev. Father Kelvin Ugwu

Goya oil has become so sacred to Nigerian Christians. If you are a Christian in Nigeria and you have not at least sipped the oil for healings or applied it on your body for protection against demons or used it for deliverance, then you must be among the very few exceptions.

In Nigeria, Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered a Holy Anointing Oil that can drive away demons. In Spain where the founder Don Prudencio Unanue was from, and in America where he later founded the Goya company in 1936, Goya oil is simply a cooking oil or for Salad or for marinating.

While people in the US, Puerto Rico, Spain, and even in the UK keep Goya oil in their kitchens, those in Nigeria and various parts of West Africa, keep theirs on their Altars, sick people’s beds, and church handbags.

You can’t ask a pregnant woman to be drinking a complete bottle of Goya oil every day so that she will deliver her baby like the “Hebrew women” and expect me to keep quiet.

You can’t be ignorantly applying cooking oil inside your eyes like an eye drop because you were told that it is an anointing oil that can open your eyes to see the demons around you and expect Fr Kelvin not to react.

You can’t go to bless people’s houses and empty more than 10 bottles of Goya oil at every corner of the building in the name of driving away demons and expect your ritual and ignorance to be left unquestioned.

You can’t be giving your children Goya oil on their way to school, asking them to rub it on their pens for exam success, or on their private parts to remain virgins and you expect everyone to fold hands and not talk.

You can’t take because you are an invited preacher to a crusade and come with your oil, claiming yours is more powerful than others even though they all carry the same labels. . .then you sell yours three times the original price because you claim it cures HIV/AIDS, and expect that no one will call you out.

There are many things you all should just stop. These abuses should just stop!

More disheartening is that many of what some of you consume as Goya olive oil in Nigeria is fake. Even as you read this, there are people somewhere using paraffin Oil and color to produce the oil, then they package it with the name Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil to sell to you.

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