Hip-life Pioneer Reggie Rockstone Hit On Those Putting Ghanaian Stars Down, “Not On My Watch While I’m Alive..”

Legendary rapper and one of the main founder of Ghana hip-life music, Reggie Rockstone has taken exception to the fact that fellow Ghanaians are the ones putting down their creative people.

Reggie in an 8mins 54seconds video post on his Facebook page came out spitting fire saying; to whom it may concern and ‘whoever the cap fits’ should take the message as he (Reggie) don’t give a hoot about what they feel but the truth must be said.

The 59-Year-Old Rapper and grandfather of hip-life as he’s popularly called talked about how Ghana is known for hospitality but for only outsiders, how he left the West to return to Africa for the love to pioneer what the younger ones are now enjoying.

Reggie Rockstone is one lyricist who took Africa from the unknown to the known through his sweet rap music with tracks like, “Keep Your Eyes On The Road” that changed the face of hip hop in Africa.

Video: keep Your Eyes On The Road by Reggie Rockstone. Source: YouTube/KasaRock Entertainment

As a veteran he’s using his voice and vast experience to help shape the Ghanaian music industry through advocacy. Reggie who now deals in restaurant business ‘Rockz Waakye’ says “I’m over there selling rice and beans to human beings…”

See the video below;

Source: Reggie Rockstone/Facebook

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