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Humanity: The Rock Gifts Zimbabwean UFC Fighter a Beautiful, Well Furnished Apartment

Legendary wrestler Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ presented a fully furnished house in Miami to burden Zimbabwean UFC fighter, Themba Gorimbo.

According to The Rock; “We’ve never met but I had to fly to Miami to look this man Themba Gorimbo in the eyes, hug him and shake his hand. I’ve been moved & motivated by his story.”

“Gorimbo recently won his first fight in the UFC.
He had $7 bucks in his bank account when he won and he sleeps on a couch in the gym.”

“After the fight, he sold his fight gear (trunks & gloves) online and made $7,000. Instead of using the money to find a place to live, he built a bush pump so his village back in Zimbabwe can have clean water.”

See his page;

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