Infidelity: Lagos Hotel Owner Was Allegedly Killed By His Wife For Impregnating Someone

The wife of the owner of the popular Bama hotel and suites in Abule Egba Lagos state has killed him last week while he was asleep. The reason was because he impregnated a Lady.

Bama as he’s fondly called just returned from an expensive vacation in Dubai along with her and their three kids. They have been married for 8 years.

Worse of all was the manner in which she killed him.
She first of all drugged him and when he slept off and lost all his senses, she plugged a pressing iron to the hottest and burnt him on several parts of his body until he died. In another story, they had a fight and she burnt him with a pressing iron, but later they made up and at night while making out in bed he started gasping for breath. Upon rushing him to the hospital he died.

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