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Nation Building: Our Unity Is Stronger In Our Diversity – Dr Tahir Abdallah Alkenanah

As a country with so much blessed human and natural resources, Nigeria’s potentials cannot be quantified. From the East to the West, North to the South, great cultural diversity; accommodating religious tenets, arts and social mixup is our strength. And this is drawn from these diversities.

Looking at Kano state on this scale, it has been and remain a true reflection of that reality for many decades now. Just like the wise saying of Sir Ahmadu Bello of blessed memory, “Here in the northern Nigeria, we have people of many different races, tribes and religions who are knit together to common history, common interest and common ideas. The things that unite us are stronger than the things that divide us…” Very true, indeed.

I will always make reference to His Excellency the Executive Governor of kano, Dr. Umar Abdullahi Ganduje OFR for his inclusivity, ethnic tolerance and political prowess. He has made kano a safe haven for every Nigerian irrespective of where you are from. A great States man and courageous leader whose leadership quality is cascading down to every aspect of his administration.
Kano state Urban Beautification And Landscaping Agency (KASUBA) is one among many

God bless kano state!
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

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