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Political Socialization, Governance And The Citizens – Dr. Abdallah Tahir Alkenanah

Political socialization is a process through which an individual learn the norms, values, behaviors, skills and beliefs of the political system of his community, environment, and demography. It is through this that you can learn the roles you should play in a political system. Nobody is born with it, you either learn it or you acquire it. Now, this is where association, mentorship, loyalty and close following comes in.

This process has formed the behavioral pattern and the way we relate with one another. Man they say is a ‘political animal’ who finds fulfilment in the quest for self discovery and by so doing he associate to bring about his desires.

In all these there must be a balance between governance and the political system in which we operate. More so, if we have leaders who are magnanimous in the way they provide platforms for the younger generation, and in this instance Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR, the Executive Governor of kano must be mentioned because of the believe he has for young people and the mentorship he provides.

Governance actually begins from political socialization. The trust the citizens have in their leaders and also the loyalty the leaders receives from their citizens is as a result of this, its intertwined.
I’m honored to be in the midst of great minds and under the tutelage of a political sage like that of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR.

The vision is clearer now as to what the future holds. Service and the will to serve is first for me, service to the people and for the people!

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