Ramadan: Renewed Vigor To Serve As FCT FA Chairman Performs Umrah

The holy month of Ramadan brings it unique blessings to Muslim faithfuls world over, so one must deliberately seek and explore those opportunities as Allah grant him or her the favor to, and one of such is Umrah.

Umrah is also known as ‘Lesser Hajj’ or ‘Lesser Pilgrimage’ to the holy city of Makkah. Although it’s recommended, it is not a compulsory pilgrimage. It’s still an incredibly sacred journey that millions of Muslims undertake annually to come closer to Allah SWT.

Abba Adam Mouktar is a focused and determined leader who has change in mind at whatever he does. The progressive change in institutional reforms and how better they should be implemented in a modern world that keeps evolving. For you to be successful in leadership there must be special times like this (Ramadan), as a Muslim to go renew your vigor to your creator Allah SWA, and to mankind which is the essence of this spiritual connection as many journey to seek.

Some may say, what’s the nexus between service and Umrah in Ramadan? Performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan is much rewarded because there’s a purpose for it in a special month such as this.

Everything one is required to do in a religious pilgrimage is to deal with mankind the way the creator has commanded. That’s why those who lead have got the biggest task in showing the way and shinning the light in dark spots. Abba Mouktar, after his tenure as the FCT FA Chairman his records will certainly be unmatched.

Considering one fact, he’s not in that position for the gains thereof rather it’s what he can give back and how to better the lots of many through the beautiful game called, football.
Bringing administrative excellence into service, intelligence and purpose driven policies from grassroot through developmental strides.

Another very important yardstick in measuring progress in any venture is how you met the place and how you leave it. FCT can boast of world class facilities; programs, apt supervision on project delivery timeline and accountability under his watch which wasn’t so before he came on board.

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