Regina Daniel’s Husband, Ned Nwoko Demands Apology, $5Trillion From Colonial Masters

Famous senator and husband of youngster actress, Ned Nwoko has dragged colonial masters for reparation. The senator has called on the international community to look into how we have been treated in Africa during the transatlantic slave trade era, especially Nigeria as a country.

According to Ned Nwoko it’s an era so dark with unimaginable saga of human suffering..

“As we reflect on the dark era of the transatlantic slave trade, Africa, particularly Nigeria, bore witness to an unimaginable saga of human suffering and exploitation. The transatlantic slave trade tore families apart and scarred our collective memory, inflicting anguish and despair across generations. Our own city of Lagos, now vibrant and thriving, once witnessed the heart-wrenching departure of enslaved individuals, torn from their homes and subjected to unthinkable horrors in foreign lands. This chapter, marred by pain and degradation, is etched in our history.”

It won’t be out of place to make that kind of call seeing the enormous exploitation in Africa in the 18 century.. in his Twitter (X) page, he poured out his heart in a submission that can’t be ignored.

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