Reno Omokri Has Called Out Those Nigerians Who Would Rather Get An iPhone Than To Invest

Pastor Reno Omokri a former aid to President GEJ, a life coach, philanthropist, activist and author has taken a shade on some set of Nigerians. Reno who is known for his teachings #renosnugget has put the current administration on spotlight since 2015.

Read below what he said about those Nigerians..

“6% of Nigerians use iPhones. And the average cost of the iPhones they use is $450. Don’t take my word for it. Research it. That is 12 million people. Money is not Nigeria’s problem. How to make the best use of our money is our challenge. Nigerians as a people love to buy things that make us look rich, instead of things that would actually make us rich. Bling, bling, iPhone, Gucci, Birkin bags. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Gold ETF is one of the most profitable on Earth. But it is dominated by foreigners, because Nigerians don’t have time to delay gratification by investing iPhone money in a sure banker investment!”

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