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Rising Benin Cake Maker HABOSS Is Gradually Becoming The Queen Baker Among Contemporaries

Abosede Sule popularly known as HABOSS CAKES is a baker and event planner based in Benin city. Haboss was born and raised in the northern part of Nigeria, kano state to be precise. She later relocated to Benin city, she is a wife and a mother with 3 lovely kids. A native of Akoko-edo, ososo who is taking the confectionery business to the global stage!

Haboss Cakes started in 2018 because of the love she has for cakes.. That love translates into passion which has now given birth to a world class cake baking business. Not only is the business part, there is also the part of empowerment where young people are getting skilled on how to bake to help them cushion the effect of the economic hardship currently facing the country, as they start earning from it.

Haboss Cakes is almost the toast of everyone in Benin city at the moment, and even beyond.. Here are some arrays of her works;

Instagram, Facebook: @HabossCakes

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