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The Man Tahir Abdallah Alkenanah A Progenitor In Progressive, Dynamic And Quality Leadership

The name Alkenanah is gradually becoming a phenomenon in kano and it political space, not just on billboards as one advertising expert but as a lifter, a developer and a beautifier. Dr Abdallah Tahir Ahmad (Alkenanah) is a meritorious leader worthy of emulation both political, personal and even in philanthropic services.

DG Alkenanah leads by example

Politicians in this part of the divide gloat over little act of benevolence shown to the people and they even noise it to whoever cares to listen. But here is a man who is so connected to the people in the grassroot and yet he maintains a high level of humility. He relates with the old and young, female and male alike irrespective of their status and class.. Dr Abdallah Tahir Ahmad Alkenanah loves to see the youths do well in all that they do and one vital area he’s using to curb youth restiveness is, sports. You can’t talk about sports, especially football in Tarauni local government without mentioning the name, Alkenanah..

A leader per excellence

There are so many beautiful sides to this unique being and until you relate with him to see the height and depth of his mental acumen you may only be scratching the surface. ‘Trust they say is a virtue’ he’s not only trust worthy he’s also dependable and loyal to the course.
Alkenanah is one person who cherished education which is one fundamental quality of any genuine, good and progressive leader. A well articulate and charismatic leader in his capacity as the Director General Kano State Urban Beautification and Landscaping Agency, which has spanned over the years from his business successes, even as DG the rob off is strong and can be felt literally.

Also, we can’t forget so quick how he was honored with a Doctorate Degree in humanitarian services from far away University of Cape Coast in Ghana a testimonial to his hard work, dedication and genuineness in whatever he lays his hands on, surely he makes full proof of. He galvanises so well as an individual, his personal capacity even before venturing into the political arena as a professional in so many businesses and was a big success at all levels.

We need look no further as to why the executive governor of kano Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje latched on him to come be part of the driving force of change in his government. An opportunity given by the executive governor to serve which he’s not taken lightly, of course when people like Alkenanah and others are part of the visionary leadership of Dr Abdullahi Ganduje we could as well close our eyes and be rest assured that they will deliver on their mandate to the people.

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