Zimbabwean Afro Soul Star Ulethu Has A Unique Sound And Voice You Cant Ignore

Gugulethu Garwe popurlaly known as ULETHU, was born 3 August 1984 in Zimbabwe. ULETHU is an inspirational artist, brought up in Zimbabwe by her parents, though her mother’s origin is Cape Town, South Africa.

With her parents musical background and love for music, she grew up surrounded by it, listening to musical legends such as Queen, Goo Goo Dolls, Anita Baker, Brenda Fasi, Aretha Franklin and Oliver Mutukudzi to mention a few.
Over the years, the various artists she has listened to, imitated and learnt from, have given her an impressive and dynamic vocal ability.
Growing up in church, eventually led to her writing and singing her own songs. Her confidence and skills have been sharpened as a result of her spiritual journey and faith.
AFRO SOUL turned out to be her genre, her songs of inspiration express the values she has known and lives by such as love, respect, empathy and righteousness. ULETHU’S songs have a dominant theme of Love

ULETHU as an artist got the flair and the charisma, she can hold her own anyday anytime.. the Afro soul star has even passed through the ‘9ja tutelage’ which gave her a very good strength of character..

watch her video “INGOMA YAHKO” below;


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